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About Us

Our Story

HatchRx Compounding pharmacy was formed in the middle of pandemic of 2020. Dr. Isha Gupta, a pharmacist realized the need for innovative solutions and easy access to medicine for our local communities. HatchRx was created with a motto that “one size doesn’t fit all”.

Our goal at HatchRx is to provide customized therapies and address drug gaps due to increased demand and subsequent shortages. We strive to educate our communities about essential role of vitamins and supplementation for overall health and to do so we also empower them with access to pharmaceutical grade supplements. HatchRx aims to provide superior pharmacy services to medical professionals and be their partner in care for our patients.

We Provide

Highest Quality & Safety Standards

Cutting Edge Technology

Fast Delivery

Subject Expertise & Amazing Customer Service

Our Facility

Scooping Cream with Spatula

Meet the Team

Dr. Isha Gupta, PharmD

Dr. Isha Gupta is the Founder and Pharmacist at HatchRx. She is passionate about bringing unconventional therapies to people who can't find a cure in commercial treatments. Combining modern innovation with medicine to fit individual medical needs is her idea behind starting her pharmacy. Her goal is to educate and make people aware of the personalized options available to them when it comes to living healthy.


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